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MetaFlo Technologies

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MetaFLO’s LIQUID waste disposal, treatment and management technologies are leading edge. MetaFLO’s PROPRIETARY methods, reagents and equipment for the solidification and stabilization of LIQUID w


Marathon Drilling Co. Ltd.

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At Marathon, our goal is to offer the best, most cost-efficient drilling services and INNOVATIVE solutions to our customers.

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Atlantic Canada Trenchless Association (ACTA)

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Atlantic Canadian Trenchless Association promotes professionals specializing in the installation of pipes, electrical lines, and other technologie.

Formadrain Inc.

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All types of conduits can be lined with the Formadrain CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) system — a fast, economical, ecological and durable No-Dig System that can be used for a variety of APPLICATIONS inc

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Inuktun Services Ltd.

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In addition to producing and selling a complete line of standard equipment for a variety of remote robotic inspection applications, the company also offers a complete range of engineering services fro

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