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Syrinix is an award-winning leader in providing intelligent pipeline monitoring solutions, providing utilities with the ability to improve the management of water and wastewater pipelines.
From monitoring the pressure in networks to full-time acoustic leak detection on critical transmission mains, Syrinix has the smart solutions to calm networks, decrease water loss, improve water quality, and mitigate risk of costly bursts.
Since 2004, Syrinix has grown to become an industry leader and its monitoring technologies have received great adoption and endorsements around the world, and in North America. The PipeMinder T has been incredibly successful in the United Kingdom and is regarded as the leading and most sensitive monitoring solution in the market place.
Building on these successes Syrinix has developed the following products:
PipeMinder T – the leading solution for monitoring critical transmission mains. PipeMinder T provides early identification of emerging leaks on critical transmission water mains that are often the precursor to a catastrophic failure. The device’s accuracy and reliability is due to monitoring the acoustics of both the water and pipe wall, along with full-time, high-sample pressure monitoring. External flow meters can be added for increased data and burst notification. To ensure easy installation, the self-contained system operates solely on battery power, made possible by using the latest telemetry technology to ensure the large amounts of data from all sensors is efficiently collected and transmitted.

PipeMinder S – a flexible network monitoring solution with a 5-year battery life and continuous high sample data analysis with immediate event notification, essential to leak/burst reduction, network calming and asset repair planning.
PipeMinder C – designed specifically for wastewater forced mains, PipeMinder C monitors pressure continuously at a high-sample rate with an external transducer, vastly reducing the risk of blockage by solid material in the main.
RADAR – cloud based portal with detailed analytics, reporting, and notifications. A single platform for all of Syrinix’s products.

Syrinix brings to market leading edge products with flexibility to give utilities peace of mind and a forward thinking approach to asset management and planning.

Address Line 4145 North Service Road
Address Line 2 Suite 200
City Burlington
Postal Code L7L 5Z1
Province/State ON - Ontario
Phone Number 905-973-6117
Contact Email
Industrial Organization AWWA, CATT, OWWA


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