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Pure Technologies LTD.

Pure Technologies is a world leader in the development and application of innovative technologies for inspection, monitoring and management of large diameter water and wastewater pressure pipelines. Pure’s expertise and technologies are being used around the world to help utility operators mitigate pipeline deterioration and maximize capital budgets for rehabilitation and replacement programs.
Pure’s Assess & Address™ engineering services platform is driven by a suite of world-renowned technologies that help water and wastewater utilities develop a tailored, comprehensive and cost-effective management program for their large-diameter systems; Assess & Address programs allow utilities to maximize their capital budget and minimize the risk of major pipeline failure.
Pure’s non-destructive leak detection technologies can accurately locate even pinhole leaks, allowing for immediate repairs that reduce non-revenue water and prevent leaks from leading to failure. Our condition assessment technologies are effective on a variety of pipe materials and can locate distressed sections along a pipeline, allowing for proactive, scheduled repairs with minimal service disruption. Through the use of Pure’s monitoring technology and asset management software for Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe, utilities can track pipe section deterioration and see problems as they develop in real-time. Through almost 13,000 kilometres of pressure pipeline assessment, Pure has found that only a fraction of pipe sections require repair or immediate replacement, meaning utility operators can selectively rehabilitate their network and extend its useful life.

Address Line 5055 Satellite Drive
Address Line 2 Unit 7
City Mississauga
Postal Code L4W5K7
Province/State AB - Alberta
Phone Number 905-624-1040
Contact Email info@puretechltd.com
Website www.puretechltd.com
Industrial Organization ASCE, AWWA, CATT, ISTT, NASSCO, NASTT, WEF
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