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Jack Control AG

Jackcontrol was established in 2004 as a spin-off company of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich. The aim was to implement in practice the knowledge gained in the doctoral studies of Dr. Stefan Trümpi-Althaus on the structural behaviour of reinforced concrete jacking pipes. The first contracts were executed in 2005 for the city of Zurich with the Jackcontrol®-Gesamtleistungspaket and their Hydraulic Joint System, followed by further contracts in other Swiss towns. Based on initial practical experience gained, the system could be further improved and the range of applications could be greatly expanded with the introduction of the P-Type system that is generally used today. In 2007 the first contracts outside of Switzerland were won in Germany. These were followed in 2008 by the first contracts in Russia. This year (2010) the engineering consulting firm Runge, Glarus, was acquired. Since the founding of Jackcontrol Runge's personnel and infrastructure had often been utilised. In 2009 Jackcontrol's own tesing equipment for joints could be set up in the workshops at Buchholz/Glarus, so that among other things the new JCPipe®-Algorithm that was introduced in 2009 could be developed. In 2010 the firm moved into the new modern office bulding in the Buchholzstrasse in Glarus.

From 2006 the rehabilitation of the hydropower plant belonging to the firm Hefti Hätzingen was carried out and it was put into operation in summer 2007, to be followed by many other power plant projects. This marked the beginning of our good track record in the construction of hydropower plants. Thus in 2009 the high-pressure hydropower plant Mühlebach in Engi and 2010 the river power plant Mühlefuhr in Ennenda were successfully put into operation. Many other increasingly larger and demanding projects for new clients have been acquired and the field of hydropower plant conctruction has become an additional pillar in the professional activities of Jackcontrol.

Address Line Buchholzstrasse 50
City Glarus
Postal Code 8750
Province/State Other
Phone Number +41 (0)55 650 20 20
Contact Email info@jackcontrol.com
Website www.jackcontrol.com
Industrial Organization CATT
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