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Fibrwrap Construction Inc.

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Fibrwrap Construction, Inc. is a full service structural renovation company specializing in the design and APPLICATION of advanced composite systems. Fibrwrap Construction, Inc. was founded in 1988 to

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Capital Sewer Services Inc.

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Formed in 1998, Capital Sewer Services Inc. has become recognized as a major force in the field of pipeline maintenance, inspection and reconstruction. Through controlled growth, Capital has expanded

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Nuna Innovations

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  • 39149 Discovery Way Squamish

Nuna Innovations supplies innovative technologies to the mining, construction, civil, defense, disaster relief and oil and gas industries, including Concrete canvases and Airstar lighting. Concrete Cl



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Acuro Inc. manufactures and promotes specialized protective green lining systems ranging from non to semi to fully structural worldwide.

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Puslinch Mechanical Services

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Puslinch Mechanical Services Inc. is a plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning contractor.


HydroCam Inc.

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  • 2010 prescott and russell county road 4

HydroCam Inc provides a wide range of services including but not limited to: - CCTV Pipe Inspection (Mains, Laterals, Manholes, etc.) - Hydro-Excavation - Pipe Flushing & Cleaning (Sewers, Cu

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